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When searching for an abortion, it is important for your health and safety to obtain complete and accurate information. Licensed medical professionals at ThriVe® are ready to equip you not only with top-tier medical services, but scientifically accurate education so you will be empowered to make your authentic choice.

When considering abortion we can first help you:

Confirm that you really are pregnant

ThriVe offers lab-quality pregnancy tests performed by medical professionals. You will receive trustworthy test results at your appointment.

*Free of charge

Confirm if your pregnancy is viable

You may be able to avoid high-risk and/or painful procedures

ThriVe offers limited obstetric ultrasounds which can confirm the viability of your pregnancy. Up to 10% – 25% of early pregnancies may end in miscarriage (1). Avoid unnecessary costs and potentially high-risk and/or painful procedures.

*At no cost

Get tested and treated for STI/STDs

You could be at-risk for serious complications if you have an active STI/STD during an abortion procedure (2). Get your STI/STD testing and treatment done first. ThriVe can do that for you. Free of charge!

*Free to you

Schedule your pre abortion screening now


ThriVe® offers and also refers for:

Information about abortion procedures (3)

1st Trimester:
• RU 486 (Abortion Pill, which is not the same as the Morning After Pill) within 4 to 10 weeks after period
• Manual or electric Suction Curettage up to 13 weeks after your period

2nd Trimester:
• Dilation and Evacuation 13 weeks and up after period

3rd Trimester:
• Abortion with Labor Induction 24 weeks to full term

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Walk-Ins Welcome

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  1. Miscarriage
    Signs and Symptoms of Miscarriage
  2. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    Risks of Genital Infection
    Chlamydia Infection
  3. Abortion Care

Ultrasounds are offered if your pregnancy test is positive and you meet the medical assessment criteria, including if you’re considering an abortion.

ThriVe® does not offer abortions or abortion referrals.