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Pregnancy Options


ThriVe® offers:

Information about abortion procedures(1)

1st Trimester:
• RU 486 (Abortion Pill, which is not the same as the Morning After Pill) within 4 to 10 weeks after period
• Manual or electric Suction Curettage up to 13 weeks after your period

2nd Trimester:
• Dilation and Evacuation 13 weeks and up after period

3rd Trimester:
• Abortion with Labor Induction 24 weeks to full term

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ThriVe® offers


ThriVe® offers
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Walk-Ins Welcome

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1. Abortion Care

* Ultrasounds are offered if your pregnancy test is positive and you meet the medical assessment criteria made by our health care professional.

** Earn coupons to get maternity and baby items. For a current list of ThriVe® Parent University Classes, please call (314) 773-4626

ThriVe® does not offer abortions or abortion referrals.