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Are you facing a tough pregnancy decision? Get the care you deserve.

Total care for women – why it matters right now.

Do you think you might be pregnant? Are you worried about making a tough decision? We want you to know that we’re here to support you through all of this. You don’t have to go through this alone, and you deserve world-class care during this time. Here at ThriVe+, we believe that you are qualified to make your own informed decision. That’s why we’re here to talk about total care for women, and why it’s a great option.

Why is holistic care important when you are facing an unplanned pregnancy?

“Holistic care” means that we at ThriVe+ see you as a person with hopes, dreams, and plans. You are not just a name on a chart. You have physical, mental, and emotional concerns — and they all matter.

Taking Care of Your Body: When dealing with a surprise pregnancy, looking after your body is really important. Women’s healthcare centers, like ThriVe+, are places that specialize in taking care of women’s health. They offer no-cost services like pregnancy tests and tests for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Here are some common concerns that you don’t have to worry about at ThriVe:

  • Keeping Things Private: You might be concerned about your privacy. Reputable women’s healthcare centers like ThriVe+ make sure to keep your information private so you can feel safe.
  • Accurate Medical Information: It’s not uncommon to be nervous or confused about medical procedures. A women’s healthcare center that provides holistic care will talk to you about any medical procedures and make sure you understand and agree to everything before moving forward with a procedure.
  • Getting Care: Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is important, no matter what you decide (abortion, adoption, or parenting). Women’s healthcare centers give information about how to stay healthy and make decisions that feel right for your life.

Dealing with Your Feelings: Handling your emotions during this time is crucial. Centers that offer total care for women understand this and often have advocates to talk to. Here are some things you might be thinking about:

  • Worried About What Others Think: Many women are worried about what others might think — but we’re here for support, not judgment. Women’s healthcare centers like ThriVe+ promise a judgment-free space where advocates and licensed medical staff are there to support you.
  • Talking to People You Care About: Figuring out how to talk to your partner, family, or friends can be tough. Women’s centers can give you resources and help you with these conversations.
  • Dealing with Uncertainty: Feeling unsure about the future is normal. Women’s healthcare centers (like ThriVe+) create a safe space to help you handle these emotions.

Taking Care of Your Mind: Your mental well-being is really important too. Women’s healthcare centers look at your overall health, not just your physical health. Here are some common concerns that we’ve seen:

  • Making Decisions: Deciding what to do about the pregnancy can be overwhelming. Women’s healthcare centers offer non-judgmental options consultation and medically- based information to help you understand your choices.
  • Sticking to Your Values: It’s important to make choices that match your values. ThriVe+ respects your values and helps you make decisions that feel right for you.
  • Planning for the Future: Thinking about how this might impact your future plans can be stressful. Centers that provide total care for women can work with you to address these worries and give guidance on planning for the future.

Why Holistic Care Matters

Total care for women means looking at your health as a whole — your body, emotions, and mind. It’s about addressing you as a whole person. Here’s why it’s important:

  • Finds the Real Issues: Holistic healthcare is dedicated to finding effective solutions to the things you care about, and equipping women to care for their health.
  • Empowers Future Wellness: Total care for women addresses and works through challenges, and focuses on empowering you for a healthy future..
  • Living Your Best Life: Holistic care is about making your whole life better, not just fixing one thing.

Why Women’s Holistic Care Is Special

For women, holistic care is especially important when it comes to reproductive health. Here’s why:

  • Care for You As A Whole Person: Women’s holistic care covers all the different parts of women’s health—physical, emotional, and mental.
  • Helps You Decide: When it comes to reproductive choices, it can be complicated. Total care for women gives you a helpful place to talk about your options, and get all the info you need. You deserve the freedom to make informed choices that feel right for you — and not feel pressured into a decision.
  • Cares About Your Feelings: Going through reproductive health experiences can be tough emotionally. Total care for women recognizes this and gives you guidance and support that’s tailored to what you’re going through.
  • Respects Your Choices: Everyone’s choices about their body are personal. Holistic care in women’s health respects your choices and gives you a safe place to make decisions on your own terms.

By choosing a women’s center like ThriVe+, you’re choosing care that sees you as a whole person… ThriVe+ cares about understanding and taking care of all parts of your health. It’s not just your body that matters, it’s your emotions and your thoughts. We want you to feel confident. That’s why we offer no-cost services, like lab-quality pregnancy tests, STD testing, and ultrasounds.

Remember, you’re not alone. Getting professional help is a brave choice, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. If you’re looking for answers, please reach out to us here at ThriVe+ to explore your options. Get the care you deserve.

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