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Finding support without judgment — Brianna’s story

ThriVe+ — a caring center for women

Brianna hadn’t planned this. She didn’t know if she ever wanted to have a baby, but definitely not right now. She wasn’t sure what her partner would say. She was certain he wouldn’t be thrilled – they’d only been together for three months. The discovery that Brianna was pregnant? It had devastated her. Whenever it came to mind, she felt anxiety. There were so many questions about the choices ahead. She looked for a place where she could find answers. She didn’t want to see a doctor yet. But she knew she had to talk to someone. She started looking online.

Through the maze of options, ThriVe+ stood out to her, a “holistic women’s clinic” that promised support in a time of need. She read someone’s review — “My visit at ThriVe+ was non-judgmental. They gave me a lot of information to help me make my decision.” She liked the “non-judgmental” part — she didn’t want anyone looking down on her for her decisions.

When she walked in, the clinic had an inviting setting that put her at ease. The clean and friendly atmosphere was just like the “caring center for women” approach Thrive+ advertised online.

Smiling African American woman with a stethoscope at a caring center for women.

Experience in the clinic

Walking through the door, Brianna felt the weight of her decisions on her shoulders. The reception area felt like a comforting hug really like a caring center for women. The staff actually seemed glad to meet her and talk to her. She felt empathy from the whole team, who seemed to understand the heaviness Brianna was feeling. She opened up about the fears she felt — and began to understand the choices ahead. She could choose abortion, to pursue adoption, or to become a mom. Maybe even a single mom. 

She felt relieved to be met with non-judgmental words of kindness and understanding. Brianna felt like she was being heard. She knew that she had a firm grasp on her future, no matter what she would choose.

The advocate listened while Brianna spoke — without pushing anything. She made a safe space for Brianna to share her fears, and feel understood. Brianna received genuine care and respect during what she felt was a vulnerable moment. It allowed her to openly talk about her options without fear of condemnation.

Patient quotes from the ThriVe+ website echoed in her mind as she handled these feelings and emotions. The words of others who had found support at ThriVe+ became a beacon of hope, reassuring her that she was not alone in this journey. She knew she’d really found a caring center for women, and could come back any time.

The nurse at ThriVe+ guided her through the available options. She actually gave her medically accurate information, and emotional support. Brianna found herself feeling heard, validated, and, most importantly, empowered. She felt closer to making a decision. Brianna knew that she could decide based on her own values, not what others expected of her.

Leaving ThriVe+, she felt relieved. The weight on her shoulders had lifted. She had something new — hope. She knew that she could make an authentic decision for her own life. One that aligned with her values. ThriVe+ had not just offered medical assistance; they had provided a compassionate space for her to explore her options. She had strength she didn’t know she had, and ThriVe made her aware of much more support available to her than she had realized.

ThriVe+ had really helped her. Both practically and emotionally, she felt supported. It was a completely different experience than she’d had before. She’d found a caring center for women, not just a clinic. She’d met people and connected with them. And she didn’t regret it.

 Fashionable friends, a portrait of two young friends at a caring center for women.

Think you might be pregnant?

Every woman deserves a space where she can make informed decisions, free from judgment. She should be able to embrace the support needed for her unique story. Having an unplanned pregnancy is complicated. At ThriVe+, it doesn’t have to be faced alone.

At ThriVe+, we offer several no-cost services, including:

  • Pre-abortion screenings
  • Lab-quality pregnancy testing
  • Limited OB Ultrasounds
  • Women’s advocacy
  • Emotional support
  • STD testing

Remember, you matter. Your health and future are important. You may feel overwhelmed right now. Lots of women feel mixed feelings when they find out about their pregnancies. That’s normal, and you don’t have to face it alone. Schedule your appointment today to start getting the support you need.

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