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How to get your family’s support during your unplanned pregnancy

So, you’re facing a moment of wondering if you might be pregnant — maybe you’re looking for a free pregnancy test. We can help you with that. 

The thought of telling your family might feel upsetting. We totally get it — it’s a lot to handle. But guess what? You’re not alone in this, and there are people ready to back you up. Here at ThriVe+, we want you to feel confident and right with your decisions. That’s why we’re here to help you prepare for talking to your family. You’re dealing with a lot, and we want you to be supported.

Navigating Worries: Addressing Your Concerns

Before you start talking about your possible pregnancy with your family and after taking a free pregnancy test, it’s completely normal to have a swirl of worries in your mind. Let’s chat about some of those concerns:

1. Fear of Judgment

Feeling like you might be judged is a common worry. Remember, everyone has their own story. Nobody’s perfect. Your family cares about you, and understanding often comes with time. Surround yourself with a support system — friends, ThriVe+ advocates, or anyone you trust — who can remind you that your future is bright.

2. Disappointment

You might be worried about disappointing your family, but it’s crucial to understand that everyone makes mistakes and faces unexpected challenges. Share your thoughts openly, and express your feelings. Often, families appreciate honesty, and it can strengthen your connection.

3. Uncertainty about Reactions

The unknown can be scary. Make sure you are actually pregnant first, by taking a free pregnancy test at ThriVe+. You may be anxious about how your family will react. This is where arming yourself with information and having a support system in place becomes vital. Reach out to friends or advocates at ThriVe+ who can offer guidance and reassurance. 

4. Concerns About the Future

The future might seem uncertain right now, and that’s okay. You have the strength and support to face whatever comes your way. Share your plans and dreams, and consider involving your family in discussions about the future. Together, you can navigate this.

5. Balancing Independence and Support

Many people feel torn between handling things themselves and getting support. Let your family know that while you value their support, you’re also working on learning your true options and the resources available to you — and understanding and managing this situation in the best way for your life. Healthy relationships find a balance between support and independence.

Remember, it’s okay to have worries, and acknowledging them is a big step. Talking to friends, advocates, or the team at ThriVe+ (where you can take a free pregnancy test) can provide you with valuable insights and help alleviate some of these concerns. You’re not alone in this, and together, we’ll work through each worry, one at a time.

How to tell your family about your pregnancy

Step 1: Confirming the News

The first step is finding out for sure whether you’re pregnant. It’s important to take a pregnancy test, and you can do this at no cost by making an appointment at ThriVe+. Our caring team can provide the support and information you need. Your free pregnancy test at ThriVe+ will be lab-quality, and with no judgment. Knowing for sure will give you a clearer picture, and help you plan your conversation with your family.

Step 2: Picking the Right Moment and Place

Choosing the right time and place is crucial when sharing big news. Find a calm and comfortable setting where you can talk without distractions. Consider having the conversation in-person if possible, so you can have a more personal connection. If an in-person talk isn’t realistic, try a video call instead.

Two female colleagues discussing where to get a free pregnancy test.

Step 3: Building a Support System

Before approaching others in your family, it’s essential to build a support system. Identify people you trust — friends, family, your partner, or our advocates at ThriVe+. These people can offer emotional support and guidance, making the process more manageable. ThriVe+ is there to support you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our caring team for assistance. We offer several on-cost services for those women, including a free pregnancy test, pre-abortion screening, and STD testing..

Step 4: Tips for Letting Your Family Know

  • Find Supportive People: Identify family members or friends who are likely to be understanding and supportive. This might be a close friend, a sibling, or a trusted mentor.
  • In-Person Conversations: If possible, have the conversation face-to-face. It helps for better communication and understanding of each other’s emotions.
  • Choose a Safe Place: Pick a safe and comfortable environment where everyone can speak openly and honestly without fear of judgment.
  • Provide Time for Processing: Understand that the news might be surprising for your family. Give them time to process their emotions and thoughts.

Step 5: Sharing Important Details

When sharing the info, focus on the essential details without oversharing. Explain the situation calmly and honestly. Be prepared for questions, and share information at a level that feels comfortable for you. Your family might ask if you’ve tested (you can take a free pregnancy test at ThriVe+), what you’re going to do, and how far along you are. We can help you find the answers to all of these questions, and we’ll listen to your concerns.

Step 6: Navigating Awkward Questions

It’s okay to set boundaries and maintain your dignity during the conversation. Remember, the decisions you make are yours, and you should never feel pressured into anything you’re not comfortable with. If you encounter awkward questions, respond with honesty and respect for your own feelings.

Again, this is your decision. Your choices are abortion, adoption, and parenting. No one can force you into any one of these. Choose based on your values, your story, and your health. 

At ThriVe+, we will be here for you — no matter what you decide.

Telling your family about a potential pregnancy can be challenging, but remember that you have a support system in place, including ThriVe+’s caring advocates. Take it one step at a time, and surround yourself with people who care about you. You’re not alone. With the right support, you can navigate this conversation with comfort and confidence. You are valuable. You are loved. And you matter.

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