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How to stop pregnancy with 100% accuracy

Welcome to your guide on how to prevent pregnancy before it starts with 100% accuracy. We understand that you may have questions and concerns about your sexual health. As empowered women, it’s important that we make informed sexual health decisions that benefit not only our physical health, but also our mental health! Although there are many options that can help reduce the risk of pregnancy, there is only one full proof option —and that’s waiting to have sex until you’re in that long-term, exclusive relationship. The decision to refrain from sexual activity is a choice that offers 100% protection against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Now when we talk about delaying sex, we’re not saying never have sex ever! But rather, let’s view these boundaries as an empowering choice to delay sexual activity until you and/or your relationship is ready for that next level of intimacy. In this guide, we will explore the benefits of choosing to delay sex, offer practical guidance on how to set boundaries effectively, and provide information on seeking help if needed.

Section 1: The Benefits of Delaying Sex (For Now)

Protecting Your Sexual and Emotional Health:

Delaying sex is like having a shield that keeps you safe from two important things: getting pregnant when you don’t want to, and catching diseases that can spread through sexual activity.

If you’re wondering how to prevent pregnancy, this is it. When you practice set sexual boundaries, you can be sure that you won’t have a surprise pregnancy. That’s because you’re not doing anything that can lead to it. Plus, you won’t have to worry about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) either, which can harm your body and your feelings.

More than just physical safety, you can protect your mental and emotional health with sexual boundaries. Physical intimacy is not a substitute for emotional intimacy. During sexual activity, a hormone called oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is known as the bonding hormone. Sex can create a physiological bond, but what happens if your emotional bond is lacking? When physical intimacy is high, and emotional intimacy (trust, respect, vulnerability, etc.) is low, that can be confusing and cause complicated, conflicting emotions to arise. The reality is, introducing sex to a healthy relationship will strengthen the bond —while introducing sex to an unhealthy or emotionally underdeveloped relationship will make it more unhealthy or toxic.  By waiting and choosing to delay sex, you can give yourself time to develop emotional intimacy which can help you to understand what you really want from the relationship.

So, to recap:

  • Delaying sex is the only method that guarantees 100% protection against pregnancy and STIs.
  • By delaying sex, you can avoid the physical and emotional risks associated with sexual activity before you’re ready.
  • It allows you to make informed decisions about your sexual health when you are ready.

Focusing on Personal Goals and Values:

You have big dreams and exciting goals for your future. Setting physical relationship boundaries helps you stay focused on those dreams. When you don’t get caught up in introducing sex too soon to a relationship, you have the space and freedom to chase after your ambitions and you can see more clearly if your partner is going to help or hinder you in those dreams.

In addition to not worrying about how to prevent pregnancy, delaying sex until the right time is empowering. Setting boundaries lets you be the boss of your own life. You get to decide when you’re ready for sexual activity, and that’s a powerful choice. It also helps you stay true to what you believe in. Your values and priorities matter. Choosing to delay sex lets you honor them without feeling pressure.

Do you want to build more confidence in yourself? Many women who choose to delay sex tend to feel more confident! You’ll feel proud of your decisions, knowing you’re making choices that are right for you. So, remember, it’s not just about saying “no” to sex; it’s about saying “yes” to your dreams and values.

To make it short:

   – Delaying sex (for now) empowers you to prioritize your personal goals, dreams, and aspirations.

   – It enables you to maintain control over your life and make choices that align with your values.

   – By delaying until the right time, you can build self-confidence and self-respect.

Section 2: Taking Charge of Your Sexual Health

Setting Boundaries:

Setting boundaries is like creating limits for yourself in a relationship. They help you establish what you feel comfortable with and can prevent people from using you or taking advantage of you. Boundaries protect your autonomy.  If you’re concerned about how to prevent pregnancy, that shows that you’re thinking about your well-being and future. That’s a good thing. The goal is to set clear boundaries that protect your physical and emotional health. It might feel a bit awkward the first time you bring up boundaries to your partner, but if they respect you, they will respect your boundaries. They might even be proud of you for choosing to protect yourself and the relationship!

So let’s get practical! An example of a boundary could be as simple as “I’m okay with kissing, but I’m not ready to take things further right now.” Seems pretty straightforward, right? But real life isn’t always that easy. Maybe you do want to delay sexual activity, but you keep finding yourself in steamy situations with your partner — and it’s getting harder and harder to stop and say no to sex. That might be a sign that it’s time to set more practical boundaries! Let’s list off a few examples:

  • “You know I love kissing you, and you also know that I’m not ready for sex. Whenever you put your hands under my shirt, that feels really intimate and makes it harder to stop.”
  • “I feel like we’ve been doing really good with sticking to our boundaries, but I’ve noticed that the only times we struggle is when it’s late at night. Maybe we should set a boundary for how late I can stay over.”
  • “Whenever we’re kissing and laying down on the bed, it’s really hard for me to slow things back down. Can we set a boundary to make the bed off-limits for now?”
  • “I’ve noticed that the only times we get physically intimate is if we’ve been drinking. That doesn’t really sit well with me. I don’t want our first time together to be under the influence. Can we set a boundary to not drink alcohol on our dates?”

Talking openly with your partner about your boundaries can be a bit intimidating at times.But part of being in a healthy relationship is learning how to have uncomfortable conversations. Communication is key to making a relationship work! When you both know what’s okay and what’s not, it helps prevent misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts. It helps you both feel safe and respected in the relationship.

Don’t be afraid to say “no” if your partner tries to push your boundaries. Your feelings and comfort matter, and a respectful partner will understand and respect your limits.

To sum it up:

   – Clearly define your boundaries and communicate them to your partner.

   – Establish guidelines for physical affection and intimacy that you are comfortable with.

   – Stick to your boundaries and be assertive in enforcing them.

Addressing Challenges:

Choosing to set boundaries might not always be easy. But when you’re committed in how to prevent pregnancy, it’s worth the effort. Sometimes, friends or society might pressure you to have sex before you’re ready. That’s when it’s essential to stay strong and stick to your decision. What your friends think shouldn’t dictate your future.

Choosing to delay sex might be difficult. You’ve got to have people to support you. Find friends, family members, or trusted people who understand and respect your choice to wait on the sexual part of your relationship. They can give you advice, encouragement, and a listening ear when you need it.

Stay busy with healthy activities and hobbies. Focus on developing emotional intimacy with your partner. It’ll make things a little easier. When you’re focused on things you enjoy and that make you feel good about yourself, you’ll have less time to think about pressures or temptations.

Key takeaways:

   – Understand that peer influence and societal expectations may pressure you to engage in sexual activity.

   – Build a support system of friends, family, or trusted adults who respect your decision to abstain.

   – Seek out healthy activities and hobbies to occupy your time and focus your energy positively.

Fostering Open Communication with Partners:

You have a choice when it comes to picking your partner. Take time to choose wisely. Look for someone who respects your decision and shares your values. If you’re worried about how to prevent pregnancy, you probably don’t want to have a baby right now. That’s okay, but it’s important to talk to your partner about that. Having open and honest conversations with your partner is a must.

Talk about your boundaries, expectations, and feelings. Your partner should be willing to listen and understand your perspective. If they truly care about you, they will support your choice and not pressure you into something you’re not comfortable with.

Remember, delaying sex is a shared decision in a relationship. Both you and your partner should be comfortable with it. If your boyfriend isn’t cool with your boundaries, he might not be right for you. If he ever tries to make you do something you’re not ready for, that’s a red flag, and you should reconsider whether he’s the right person for you.

By practicing these tips, you can effectively maintain boundaries and ensure that your choices are respected in your relationships. Remember, it’s your body, your choices, and your future. Don’t spend time worrying about how to prevent pregnancy when safer sexual choices are available to you!

So remember:

   – Choose a  partner who respects your decision to delay sex and shares your values.

   – Have open and honest conversations about your boundaries and expectations.

   – Encourage your partner to also prioritize their sexual health and well-being.

Seeking Help and Support

Thrive+ Telehealth Appointments:

If you have questions or concerns about your sexual health or think you might be pregnant, Thrive+ offers no-cost telehealth appointments. Medical professionals are available to provide confidential guidance and information tailored to your needs. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need support or have any doubts; your health and well-being are essential. Thrive+ is a safe place for you to come with questions, worries, or if you just need someone to talk to. We’ll make space for your feelings.

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