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So you found out you’re pregnant. Now what?

Looking for an abortion clinic near me? When you’re thinking about an abortion, it’s really important to have all the available info. It’s in your power to make the best, informed decision for you. ThriVe+ is a great resource for this. We offer several medical services at no cost, which can really help you out.

When you find out you’re pregnant, things can feel overwhelming. Take some time to breathe. You have time to think things through. And you should take some time. It’s a big decision.

As you ask yourself these questions, please know that ThriVe+ is here for you. 

Whatever you decide, ThriVe+ is a great first step in the process.

Before going to an abortion clinic near me, check out your options.

1. Am I really pregnant?

– Have I taken a pregnancy test after a missed period?

– Am I confident that the results of the pregnancy test are accurate?

Confirming pregnancy: It’s super important to know for sure if you’re pregnant. ThriVe+ provides no-cost pregnancy tests that are medical-grade. You deserve to be confident about your pregnancy status without worrying about cost.

2. What are my options?

– If I’m considering looking for an abortion clinic near me,  is there a women’s center that  offers no-cost pre-abortion consultations?

– Do I have information about the abortion procedure, risks, and options available to me?

– What support is there if I choose abortion, adoption, or parenting?

You deserve to make an informed authentic choice about your health and future. If you’re considering an abortion, get your required pre-abortion consultation at ThriVe+ for no cost.

3. How far along am I?

– How can I find out how many weeks pregnant I am?

– Why do I need to know how far along I am?

Getting information about the pregnancy is important for protecting your health and understanding your options.

Knowing how far along you are in the pregnancy is crucial. Why? It affects your options. For instance, the abortion pill is only FDA-approved for use up to 10 weeks.1 If you’re looking for an abortion clinic near me and are unsure about your pregnancy dates, an ultrasound can give you information about the options available to you.

4. Is my pregnancy viable?

– What does it mean if a pregnancy is not viable?

– How can I find out if my pregnancy is viable?

Not all pregnancies are viable, meaning they might not continue on their own. Sometimes, pregnancies end naturally due to issues like a blighted ovum (an egg that implants but doesn’t develop), chromosomal problems, or other reasons.2 

ThriVe+ offers ultrasounds to check if your pregnancy is healthy. This can save you from the emotional and financial stress of finding an abortion clinic near me for a pregnancy that might end naturally.

5. What is an ectopic pregnancy?

– What are the signs and symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy?

– Why is it important to detect an ectopic pregnancy early?

An ultrasound can help protect your health by ruling out an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy, where the embryo grows outside the uterus. If you have an ectopic pregnancy, you need to get immediate medical attention.3

The abortion pill won’t end an ectopic pregnancy, and can actually lead to a dangerous infection.4

6. What are the risks associated with abortion?

– Are there different risks for different types of abortions?

– What should I know about the physical and emotional risks?

Abortion and the abortion pill are medical procedures — and you deserve to know about the risks. If you’re researching an abortion clinic near me, we want you to feel confident and informed in your choice.

7. What support can I get?

– Are there services available to help me understand my options?

– Can I talk to someone with medically-accurate info and support?

ThriVe+’s medical professionals and patient advocates are here to help you understand all the options available to you. We’re pro-woman, and want to support you with the information you need to make your own, authentic decision.

8. What about my health?

– Should I get tested for STDs before finding an abortion clinic near me?

– How can untreated STDs affect my health?

STI/STD testing: Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are common. Sometimes, they don’t show any symptoms. ThriVe+ offers no-cost STD testing. It’s important because untreated STDs can lead to serious health problems like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).5 It’s a really good idea to get tested so you can get treated as soon as possible.

9. How much will it cost?

– What are the costs associated with different abortion options?

– Are there any free or low-cost resources available?

All of ThriVe+’s services are available to you at no cost. If you are looking for an abortion clinic near me, you can save money by scheduling a no cost pre-abortion consultation at ThriVe+.

10. Who should I talk to?

– Should I involve my partner, family, or friends in my decision?

– Are there confidential services available where I can get advice?

Understanding options and making informed decisions: It’s common, unfortunately, to feel rushed or pressured when making a decision about abortion. But you’ve got to take your time and understand all your options. This is your pregnancy and your choice. Only you can make this choice. Our no-cost pre-abortion screening can help you understand all the options available to you, specifically.

11. What happens after an abortion?

– What kind of follow-up care will I need?

– How will an abortion affect my future fertility and health?

Abortion (including the abortion pill) are medical procedures. It’s important to get all the information you need about the procedure, side effects, and risks to your health. You deserve to make an informed decision.

12. What if I decide to continue the pregnancy?

– What resources and support are available if I choose to carry to term?

– What are my options for adoption if I decide not to raise the child?

If you decide to continue the pregnancy, ThriVe+ can help connect you with the support and community resources you need. But it’s okay if you don’t have everything figured out yet. Take your time to gather information, get support, and feel confident about your decision. You are valuable and loved. We’re here for you.


 Whatever you decide, ThriVe+ is a great first step

These questions might help you start on the first steps.. Maybe you’re looking for an abortion clinic near me. But no matter what you’re considering, ThriVe+ is a great place to start. We can give you all the info you need. It’ll be medically and scientifically accurate. We want to assist with the information you need to make your own choice.

So, do you need to find an abortion clinic near me? Come see us at ThriVe+ so that you can decide the best next step for you. ThriVe+ is a judgment-free zone, and we provide medically-accurate information and support without any pressure. We are independently funded, which means we don’t make money from any services we provide. We’re a women’s center that’s by women, for women. It matters to us that you feel confident and empowered.

Knowing all your options helps you make the best choice for your health and future. ThriVe+ is there to support you every step of the way. 

*ThriVe+ does not perform or provide referrals for abortions.


1 Information about Mifepristone for Medical Termination of Pregnancy Through Ten Weeks Gestation | FDA





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