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Talk about it: Communicate with your partner during an unplanned pregnancy.

You feel nervous about talking to your partner about your pregnancy decision. It’s completely okay and normal to have all sorts of emotions right now. Your feelings matter, and your thoughts are valid.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is a journey. We get it. It’s like stepping into the unknown, and it’s okay if you’re feeling a little scared or unsure. 

Take a deep breath. 

You might be wondering how to start that conversation with your partner. Maybe you’re worried about how he’ll react or what he’ll say. How will you be able to express your thoughts clearly? Asking these questions just shows that you care.

He could be feeling just as unsure and nervous as you are. He might also be trying to find the right words and the right time to talk to you. You’re in this together. Leaning on each other can make this journey feel more manageable.

What’s most crucial is that you both feel safe, heard, and understood when you communicate with your partner during an unplanned pregnancy. It’s a chance for both of you to talk about things. You might just discover a deeper connection through this. So share your fears and hopes, so you can make a decision that’s best for both of you.

Worried about your safety?

If an unplanned pregnancy has you feeling worried about your partner or your safety at home, know that you’re not alone. Seeking professional guidance first is absolutely okay. Your well-being matters most. If you’re concerned about not having your partner’s support or feeling unsafe, please reach out to us. Thrive+ is here to listen, understand, and support you. We’re a safe space.

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No matter how you’re feeling right now – whether it’s excitement, anxiety, confusion, or a mix of everything – remember that you are supported. And while it’s okay to feel nervous, know that you can reach out for support from friends, family, professionals, or anyone else you trust.

As you prepare to communicate with your partner during an unplanned pregnancy, know that your journey is unique. You’ve had the courage to make it this far. Let’s get you the support you need.

How can you begin this conversation and go over your options as a team?

Talking to him about your unplanned pregnancy

1. Find the Right Time and Place

Pick a time when both you and your partner can sit down without any distractions. Choose a comfy and private spot where you both can feel safe and relaxed. Talk at home if you can, and avoid bringing this up during a stressful time.

2. Start with Honesty and Openness

Tell him what you’re really feeling, complicated as it may be. Ask him to sit with you to talk about something important and personal. Use “I” statements, like “I’m feeling unsure about something,” to avoid making him feel defensive.

3. Listen to Each Other

You’re probably not the only one with complicated feelings. When you communicate with your partner during an unplanned pregnancy, remember that this might not have been his plan either. Give him a chance to talk and listen without interrupting. You care about his perspective, and he needs to know that you do.

4. Explain Your Situation

Gently explain your unplanned pregnancy and how it has been making you feel. You probably have worries and hopes about the outcome of this pregnancy. Help him to understand you. Remember that his feelings matter too. Try to make space for him to talk about them.

5. Explore Your Options

Young woman talking to her boyfriend about her unplanned pregnancy on the couch.

Talk about the options you both have. There are three main options to consider:

1.Abortion: If you’re thinking about this option, learn about the process and any legal and medical considerations.

2. Adoption: Research adoption agencies and discuss whether this might be the right choice for you.

3.  Parenting: Think about if you’re ready to become parents and what kind of support you might need.

Whatever option you are considering, Thrive+ is here to support you. We want to help empower you. You’re totally qualified to make the best choice for your situation. You’re welcome to make a no-cost appointment today.

6. Seek Guidance

As you communicate with your partner during an unplanned pregnancy, write down a list of people you can count on. You might want to involve a trusted mentor, like a parent, relative, teacher, or counselor, who can offer guidance and experience

7. Take Your Time

Remember, you don’t have to decide everything right away. You have plenty of time. Do some research on your options and feel confident in yourself. Make sure you’re comfortable with whatever decision you both make.

8. Be Understanding

Understand that both of you might have different feelings and opinions. It’s okay if you don’t agree right away. Stay patient and respectful of each other’s viewpoints.

9. Lean on Each Other

Throughout this journey, lean on your partner for support, and let them lean on you too. Facing challenges together can strengthen your relationship.

10. Take Care of Yourselves

No matter what you decide, take care of yourselves emotionally and physically. Reach out to professionals, like doctors, counselors, or support groups, to ensure you’re getting the guidance you need.

Remember, it’s okay to feel scared or unsure. Talking to your partner and exploring your options together can help you make the best decision for both of you. You have choices, and you can approach this unplanned pregnancy as a team.

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