The signs of being pregnant: Kassie’s story and what you can do

The signs of being pregnant: Kassie’s story and what you can do

Signs of being pregnant: Kassie’s Story

Kassie had always been in tune with her body. But lately, something was off. She’d wake up feeling exhausted. Even a short walk to the kitchen left her breathless. The scent of her morning coffee was suddenly overpowering, and the smell of her neighbor cooking with garlic was unusually strong.

Kassie began connecting the dots. Her heightened sense of smell reminded her of a friend who had experienced the same during pregnancy. She brushed the thought aside, but then the midday nausea hit her like clockwork every day. She had thought that morning sickness only happened in the morning. Could it be…?

Kassie recalled that she and her partner hadn’t been as careful as they could’ve been. But surely, she wasn’t pregnant. They’d only done it once. She thought about the possibilities and what a pregnancy would mean for her.

One afternoon, she was pacing her living room. She debated whether to take a pregnancy test. Remembering the countless pregnant women on TV shows who showed the early signs of being pregnant, she took a deep breath. “I’m probably overreacting,” she thought, “

I’ll just take a test so I stop worrying.”

As the seconds ticked by, Kassie felt her heart race. The little blue lines finally appeared, and tears welled up in her eyes. She didn’t know what to think.

In the following days, Kassie’s fatigue turned into a complex blend of emotions. The morning sickness was a reminder of her body’s changes, but it also brought a sense of vulnerability. Confused and anxious, she wondered how she would get through this new chapter.

Does her story sound familiar?

Maybe you can relate to Kassie’s story. If you have been feeling off, you might be wondering if you’re pregnant. We understand if you feel mixed emotions about the possibility. Most women do. Being pregnant is a big deal, and the idea stirs up big feelings in anybody.

Knowing the signs of being pregnant can be useful in knowing what to do next. 

What you can do

You’re not alone. If you’re feeling uncertain about whether you might be pregnant, take a deep breath. You’re learning the signs of being pregnant, and that’s a great way to become a self-advocate. This guide is here to help you navigate this. Thrive+ is available to help you with any part of your journey. Remember, whatever you’re feeling right now is valid, and you have support.

Step 1: Listen to Your Body

Our bodies often give us hints when something’s different. Pay attention to these signs:

  • Missed Period: One of the most common signs is a missed period. If your regular cycle suddenly stops, it could be a signal.
  • Morning Sickness: Feeling queasy, especially in the mornings, can be a sign. But remember, it’s not just mornings – morning sickness can happen at any time.
  • Sensitivity to Smells: Suddenly, everyday scents might become overwhelming. If you find yourself getting bothered by smells that never bothered you before, this could be a clue.
  • Tiredness: Feeling more tired than usual? Your body works hard during pregnancy and this could be a sign.

Step 2: Take a Pregnancy Test

If you’re seeing some of the signs of being pregnant and you’re feeling worried, it’s time to take a pregnancy test. These tests can be found at drugstores, and many are easy to use at home. You are welcome to take a pregnancy test with one of our understanding nurses at Thrive+, at no cost to you. Here’s how to take a pregnancy test:

  • Choose the right time: The morning is usually the best time to take the test, as your urine is more concentrated.
  • Read the Instructions: Each test might have slightly different steps, so make sure you read the instructions carefully.
  • Breathe: Waiting for the results can be nerve-wracking, but remember, you’ve got support. You have options no matter what.

Step 3: Reach Out for Support

No matter the result, you need a support system. Whether you’re relieved or worried about the outcome, talking to someone you trust can help ease your mind.

  • Talk to a Friend: Reach out to a friend who’s understanding and caring. Sometimes sharing our fears can lighten the load.
  • Reach Out to a Professional: If the test is positive, or if you’re still feeling uncertain, consider speaking with a healthcare professional. They can offer guidance and answer your questions.

Step 4: Explore Your Options

Whatever your situation, know that there are choices ahead. You’ve noticed that you have some of the signs of being pregnant, you’ve taken a test, and you’ve talked to someone. Now, take time to think about what you want and need:

  • Reflect on Your Feelings: How do you feel about the possibility of being pregnant? Your emotions matter.
  • Gather Information: Learn about your options – parenting, adoption, or abortion – so you can make informed decisions. 
  • Seek Counseling: Talking to a counselor can provide clarity and help you understand your feelings better.

Remember, you’re supported, and you have the ability to navigate whatever comes your way. No matter the outcome, you’re not alone on this journey. Reach out for support, whether it’s from friends, family, or professionals. Take your time to think about your feelings and explore your options. Your well-being matters, and you have the power to make choices that are right for you.

Thrive+ exists to help people navigate the world of pregnancy and sexual health. If you’re experiencing the signs of being pregnant and want some answers and options, please come see us soon. Our medical services are at no cost, and our medical and patient advocate teams are judgment-free and compassionate.


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