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Why Hamida searched for an “ultrasound near me”

Hamida’s Story: Finding an ultrasound near me

Hamida found herself at a crossroads when she found out she was pregnant. She was filled with so many different emotions, she wasn’t sure about what to do next. She decided to explore her options through an ultrasound, but she was worried about some things. Pregnancy wasn’t part of her plan. She was in college, involved in her church, and she wasn’t sure about a future with her boyfriend. She figured that an ultrasound could at least tell her how far along she was. 

Facing Fears and Reluctance

Hamida’s fears aren’t uncommon. The idea of an unplanned pregnancy can bring about a wave of emotions — from fear to uncertainty —for many women. Hamida found herself caught between wanting info and the fear of seeing the fetus — maybe even seeing something unusual, like an ectopic pregnancy. Reluctant to make an appointment, Hamida wasn’t sure whether she was ready to confront an actual pregnancy.


​Finding a Safe Place

After some hesitation, Hamida decided to reach out to ThriVe+ to find an “ultrasound near me.” She was invited to come in for a no-cost ultrasound. The team at ThriVe+ recognized her apprehension and provided a safe space for her to express her concerns. They assured her that, regardless of her decision, she would be supported every step of the way. 

The Ultrasound Procedure

On the day of the ultrasound, a compassionate nurse walked Hamida through the process, explaining each step with care. The nurse noticed  that Hamida was nervous about watching the ultrasound, and let  her know that she could make choices about her level of involvement in the procedure. Hamida’s comfort and agency were actually prioritized. They took time with her, and she felt surprised at how relaxed she became. This team of women helped her relax and feel comfortable.

Empowering Knowledge and Options

During the ultrasound, the nurse shared valuable information about Hamida’s pregnancy. She learned about the gestational age, health of the fetus, and options available to her. The nurse gave her medically accurate information about different types of abortions — since Hamida was wondering. She hadn’t expected that finding an ultrasound near me would be so empowering. Hamida felt better informed and empowered. She left with the knowledge she needed to make her own authentic choice.

Did Hamida’s fears resonate with you? 

If her story is relatable, you’re not alone. Hamida grappled with specific fears that many women face before deciding to go through with an ultrasound. Maybe you can relate to some of these feelings:

Fear of Judgement:

One of the primary fears Hamida faced was the fear of judgment from society, friends, and even herself. Even the thought of telling her family that she was looking for an ultrasound near me was scary. Hamida was concerned about how others might perceive her situation. She struggled with the weight of other’s expectations of her.

At ThriVe, we’re here to help, not judge. We offer support, empathy, and information at your confidential appointment.

Uncertainty about the Future:

The unknown can be a confusing and scary aspect of an unplanned pregnancy. Hamida was afraid of how her life might change. The pregnancy could impact her plans. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. It makes it harder to get help.

Knowledge is power. And at ThriVe, we want to empower you to make decisions that feel right for your future.

Lack of Support:

Hamida’s fears were multiplied because she wasn’t sure who would support her. The idea of navigating a pregnancy and potential parenthood alone can be overwhelming. Hamida worried about whether she would have the emotional, financial, and social support needed to navigate having a baby.

We believe that you are qualified and capable of making a fully-informed decision for your own life. ThriVe can help you connect with support and resources to support your choice.

Emotional Rollercoaster:

The emotional aspect of an unplanned pregnancy is complicated. Hamida, like many women, feared the intense emotions that might accompany the ultrasound near me. She was apprehensive about facing the reality of the pregnancy and the potential emotional impact of seeing an image of the developing fetus.

Thrive is a team of women, providing woman-to-woman care. We’re here to listen, empathize, and support you during this overwhelming time.

Loss of Control:

Uncertainty can make you feel like you’re losing control of your life.  Hamida was afraid of losing control of her future. She was unsure if she was ready to make such a big decision. This fear of losing control can be paralyzing, but it can hinder the process of getting information and support.

We are here to empower you. By getting the information you need, you can feel confident about your choice.

Happy nurse available to provide an ultrasound near me.

Support to Make Your Choice with Confidence

At ThriVe, we understand, acknowledge, and empathize with you through your fears. Our team creates a safe and non-judgmental space for people like Hamida (and you!) to work through these fears. And with the info from the ultrasound, you (like Hamida) can leave feeling like you have the clarity and strength to make your own authentic decision.

Make an appointment today to get a no-cost ultrasound near me. Call or chat with us anytime to schedule a pre-abortion screening.

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