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EmpowerHer Advocacy: Take the “Support for Me” Quiz

All care for women can look a little different, depending on what you need. You might be feeling overwhelmed right now. Maybe scared, anxious, or confused. It’s actually normal to feel mixed feelings about being pregnant, no matter the circumstances. But whatever you’re feeling, it’s helpful to get support right away. It’s tough being pregnant, especially when it wasn’t part of your plan.

I’m with ThriVe+ as a women’s advocate. We want you to feel confident and informed to make the best pregnancy decision for yourself. You deserve it. When you’re looking for judgment-free support, come see us at ThriVe+. We also offer no-cost medical services like pre-abortion screenings and pregnancy tests. We’re down to support you with medically-accurate information. That’s what advocates do. And you are worthy of respect and support.

Going through an unplanned pregnancy? I understand. There’s a lot on your shoulders right now. You’ve got to get the right kind of support to help you through this. Different people prefer different kinds of support. And all care for women includes a variety of support styles to help in this situation. What kind of support would be most helpful for you? Well, the first step is to learn what kind of support is available. I’ll take you through a few forms of support, and you can see if anything jumps out at you.

All care for women peer support group.

Peer support groups

Peer support groups are great for those who like sharing their experiences. They provide a chance to get advice from other women going through a similar situation. This could be through local meet-ups or online groups.

Questions to think about:

– Do you like the idea of sharing your story with others who are going through or have gone through the same thing?

– Is it helpful for you to get advice from a group of people like you?

– Would you feel better knowing that others are facing the same challenges?

How peer support helps:

– You feel part of a community.

– You get practical tips and emotional support.

– You realize you’re not alone.

One-on-one mentorship:

One-to-one mentorship means having a personal mentor who understands your situation. Having a mentor is like making a friend that provides personalized guidance and support. Does one-on-one mentorship sound like your all care for women support style?

Questions to think about:

– Does having a personal mentor who understands what you’re going through sound comforting?

– How much would you value advice that is specifically for your situation?

– Do you prefer a more personal approach to dealing with your pregnancy?

How one-to-one mentorship helps:

– You get advice that’s just for you.

– You have someone to consistently talk to.

– You build a trusting relationship with someone who understands.

Women’s advocates:

Women’s advocate guidance is for women who prefer more privacy. Maybe you’d prefer talking to an empathetic, knowledgeable person.. ThriVe+ has no-cost consultations with our women’s advocates. We believe that all care for women means caring for your body, mind, and spirit. We do not offer professional counseling, but we do recommend it if this kind of support appeals to you.

Questions to think about:

– Do you like talking about personal things with someone who can offer an objective view?

– Are you comfortable sharing your feelings with someone who will keep your information confidential?

– Do you feel better knowing your discussions are private, and that this person has helped others through similar situations?

How women’s advocacy helps:

– You have a safe and private space to talk.

– You get expert advice and resources.

– You have help navigating your situation.

Combination of support systems:

Sometimes, a mix of different types of support works best. This means getting help from friends, family, professionals, and peers.

Questions to think about:

– Do you think a mix of advice from friends, professionals, and peers would help you best?

– Are you looking for a range of advice and support?

– Do you believe that different kinds of support can help you make better decisions?

How a combination of support helps:

– You get a well-rounded support network.

– You receive multiple perspectives and advice.

– All your needs, emotional and practical, are covered.

Friends showing all care for women style support.

All care for women at ThriVe+

ThriVe+ can help you find the support you need. Whether you prefer peer support, one-on-one mentorship, professional guidance, or a combination of all three, ThriVe+ has the resources to help you. Contact us anytime to find the support that works best for you.

Support For Me Quiz

Still thinking about what kind of support you might want to try? Take this quiz to find out which type of support might suit you the best:

1. How do you feel about sharing your experiences in a group and listening to others in similar situations?

– a) Very comfortable

– b) Somewhat comfortable

– c) Not comfortable at all

2. Would you prefer to have personalized advice tailored specifically to your situation?

– a) Yes, I prefer individualized advice

– b) No, I prefer general advice

– c) I am open to both

3. How important is confidentiality and a neutral perspective to you?

– a) Very important

– b) Somewhat important

– c) Not important

4. Do you value having multiple all care for women support structures (including friends, family, professionals, and peers)?

– a) Yes, I value diverse perspectives

– b) No, I prefer to limit the number of people involved

– c) I am open to either


– Mostly a’s: Peer Support Groups might be the best fit for you!

– Mostly b’s: One-to-One Mentorship could be the ideal support system.

– Mostly c’s: Professional/Advocate Guidance might suit you best!

– A mix of all: A Combination of Support Systems might provide the most complete support.

Choose the support system that feels right for you. Reach out to us at ThriVe+ for more help. We are here to help get you connected with the support you need right now. This is your choice, and you’ve got what it takes to make it. 

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