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EmpowerHer Advocacy – Do your decisions matter?

Welcome to EmpowerHer Advocacy, amplifying the voices of women’s advocates at Thrive+.

Hey there—Thrive+ advocate here! Let’s chat about something really important: making authentic life choices. They’re a big deal, especially when life throws unexpected things our way. Decision-making can be stressful, especially when it comes to unplanned pregnancies. But the choices we make shape our lives.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” 

Basically, she’s saying that the decisions we make are like building blocks that create the path we walk on.

Some young people I’ve spoken to think their decisions don’t matter. Do your opinions matter? Will you remember this time in your life?

Think of life like a beautiful tapestry, woven with the threads of our choices. Buying a house, going to college, and choosing a life partner are like picking threads that will shape the picture of our lives.

Making your tapestry

When people think about buying a house, it’s not just about money— it’s an investment in their future and a place for making memories. People consider the location, their finances, and their long-term goals. They consider that even with the big financial responsibility, it’s worth their investment in their future.

Deciding to go to college is one of the big life choices we all face. Students invest their money and time into college because they see a future for themselves. They stand at a crossroads, consider majors and career paths, and take time to research. They choose the best path for their future career and family.

Choosing a life partner is another big decision. It influences your happiness and personal growth. People take time to understand themselves and their partner. They take years learning how to communicate. They consider their shared values. They get their BFFs and family to tell them what they think about their partner. They discuss their hopes and expectations for the future… Over time, they can build a strong foundation for a fulfilling relationship.

In all these decisions, taking the time to think is crucial. Life is a series of choices.  You contribute to your story, reflecting your values and your unique journey. Your story is significant and your life choices matter.

Need an advocate?

Now, let’s talk about unplanned pregnancies. I get it, this probably wasn’t part of your plan. You probably have some mixed feelings about having to make this decision at all. 

Guess what? Most women feel conflicting things when they’re pregnant, especially when it’s unexpected. You’re on your own unique journey. And the choices you make will shape where that journey goes. It’s okay (and really important) to lean on people you trust, like friends, family, or someone you look up to. Surround yourself with people who care about you.

And you know what? Your decisions matter, even if you’re at a young age. I know it might feel like you’re just starting out in life, but the life choices you make now are significant. They’re like seeds you plant that grow into the life you want. So, it’s okay to take the time to think about what’s best for you and your future.

At  Thrive+, we’ve got your back. We have a team of medical professionals and advocates (like me!) who know their stuff and want to help — without judging you. 

Thrive+ is all about giving you good info that empowers you to make the choices that feel right for you.

Thrive+ offers many services to support women dealing with unplanned pregnancies:

Pre-abortion Screening:

  • Lab-quality Pregnancy Testing: Get the answers you need.
  • Ultrasound Evaluations: Find out the age of the pregnancy and rule out dangerous conditions like ectopic pregnancy
  • STI/STD Testing: Look out for your health – you matter, and you need to know!

Adoption Information:

  • Lab-quality Pregnancy Tests: Trustworthy tests for clear decisions.
  • Limited Ultrasound: Extra info to help with choices.
  • Help with Applications: Helping to get your pregnancy finances covered.
  • Adoption Types: Learn about your options – you’re in control.
  • Agency Referrals: Connect with trusted adoption advocates. 


  • Resources: Get the scoop on being a parent. We’ll be there every step of the way to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge and materials you need.
  • Community Referrals: Find local support. There’s a lot out there to meet all kinds of needs.
  • Parenting Classes: Parent your way, with our team here to support you with the info you need to be successful.

Best of all? Our services are offered at no cost to you. Thrive+ isn’t just a clinic. Have you ever heard the phrase, “it takes a village?” We are that village. No matter what you’re considering – abortion, adoption, or parenting, we’ve got your back. We’re here to help you through your unique experiences and to make sure you have the info you need to make choices that fit your life.

Just remember, the choices you make are yours—and you have the power to shape your life. 

Get support, gather good info, and know that the advocates and medical professionals at Thrive+ are here for you. The decisions you make today will help create the path you walk tomorrow, and you’ve got the strength and support to make choices that feel right for you.

Thanks for hanging out and being brave.

Healthy • Safe • Strong

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